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I am absolutely in love with our new Boutique Portfolio Box of prints!  We’ve changed vendors and I’m really in love with all the options that we have now.  This box is amazing- the prints are nice and big, sized 8×12 and you can have the box made with a plain leather cover or have the top customized with an acrylic image as shown below…

The papers are fine art and super thick…

You can get up to 25 fine art prints in your Boutique Box.

This Boutique Boudoir Box is made with your choice of leather, a customized acrylic cover, and is filled with 25 prints.  This is our 2017 Collection I offering for $1,100.  The Collection also gives you the images in a smartphone app for your phone and the ability to purchase all the full resolution digital images from your session at a 50% discount.  I have a feeling this is going to be a big hit with our clients this year, so make sure you check it out in the studio!


I’m a believer in continuing education.  You’re learning or your dying right?  Photography is certainly no exception in my humble opinion.  Every year I invest in education of some sort in the photography world.  The last two years it’s been specifically geared towards the boudoir genre through AIBP or the Association of International Boudoir Photographers.  This is probably the most vital organization I’m a part of for my business because it consists only of MY BOUDOIR PEEPS!!!!  Photography is such a wide spectrum in the art world.  I mean, I can’t just shoot the shit about issues I’m having in my studio with a newborn or a sports photographer now can I?!?!?!?  To have found a group of women and men that do exactly what I do is so comforting to me.  I feel like I’m not the only one out here doing what I do (although I’ve noticed there’s definitely an uptick of boudoir photographers in the DMV lately!).  Everyone doesn’t understand what Boudoir photography even is.  When someone at a cocktail party asks what I do, that’s when I take a sip of the champagne that I’m holding and either go for a raw, uncensored shock-and-awe answer if they look like a judgmental tight-assed jerk I want to get rid of. I’d say something like, “I take naked pictures of women” & they smile and politely move on (thank goodness).  OR, if they seem nice & truly interested in what I do, I try to be more delicate & explanatory in the fact that I photograph ‘beautiful, intimate portraiture of women.’  99.9% of the time I go with the latter approach, but sometimes you just have that prick asshole you have to get rid of you know????

That brings me to the annual AIBP retreat where all of “my peeps” come together and learn from each other.  This year it was in New Orleans, the city where you can do anything you want. We had classes on everything from lighting, to posing, to business, to social media and everything in between.

We have classes from some of our top peers from around the globe and then we have free time for shoot outs and experimentation time.  I admit that I didn’t shoot as much as I probably should have, but I was fortunate to be able to shoot a model who actually owns a boudoir studio in New Orleans!  She’s a makeup artist and has a fantastic studio space in the heart of the business district.  She hires boudoir photographers to shoot for her in her studio space which is just fascinating because it’s usually the other way around.  As a true business woman first & photographer second, when I heard her story I just had to photograph her. She was willing to oblige, so myself and 2 of my other fellow AIBP members went to her studio and had a shoot out.  That’s my friend Emily from Emily Pack Scott Boudoir in South Carolina taking a crack at some shots…It was awesome!

I think what was most cool about this particular shoot out was the fact that the location is so vastly different from my own studio.  Tina (our host & model) has a gorgeous, roomy, airy, natural light studio with lots of space and AMAZING exposed brick walls.  In my studio, there’s zero natural light, the space is tight & there’s certainly no exposed brick.  I have to shoot 100% with studio lighting, except on outdoor sets.  In my current studio  as much as I absolutely ADORE this following shot, I will never be able to replicate it so please, just don’t even ask…it breaks my heart that I can’t get natural light & elongated shots like this (unless you’re willing to do it outdoors in a grassy area…hmmm, thinking ahead to spring time!).

I mean damn. How hot is this?  I can’t shoot like this in my own studio for so many reasons that only a photographer could really fully understand, so that’s why this shoot was so special.  I got to do things that I can’t do on a day-to-day back here at home.

You know what though?  I realized that even as rad as her studio was with all that light and space and those yummy walls- I have things in my studio that most other photographers don’t have.  I don’t have exposed brick but I have natural cedar walls & beams in the ceiling.  My studio is a rustic log cabin on my farm, so I have the ability to shoot outdoors privately which is huge.  I’m pretty sure only a handful of boudoir photographers have access to something like that.  Also, because I don’t have natural light, I have to use studio lighting so I have the ability to create light or dark & moody images depending on my mood and I’m not dependent on Mother Sun.

So in the end, this was a wonderful shoot to have because it let me shoot without my usual creative handcuffs, but then it also reminded me of the blessings and uniqueness of what I do have in my own studio space and I’m at peace with that.  Namaste bitches!!!!!

Women come to my studio for different reasons.  Many come to give the gift of gorgeous pictures to their partner for a special occasion like as a wedding or anniversary gift. Others come to document moments in their lives where they soon will be forever changed, such as with an impending mastectomy or other life changing surgery.  They want to document themselves prior to physically being changed. Still others want to be documented post a major physical change…like after breast augmentation or after gastric bypass surgery.  Well my next client fits into yet another category of clients…she was here to document a birthday milestone. A 50th birthday milestone to be exact.  She did this photo shoot for herself, as a gift to embrace how beautiful, sexy and fabulous she is at 50!

Well hot damn, if this is 50 then sign me the hell up!!!!

So, this brings me to an interesting little fact about my business.  (Certain) people always assume that all of my clients are very young (meaning under 30), could all be supermodels in another life and have no flaws.  I may have had a few of these unicorns, but most of my clients are every day women, doing the day-to-day hustle.  Whether it’s taking care of kids full time, holding down a demanding career, or both, my clients are REAL women, not models.  I’ve photographed women young enough that I had to card them (so I made sure I wasn’t participating by accident in near-kiddie porn…can you imagine what that would do to business?!?!?) and my oldest client Patty (shout outs to Patty who said and I quote, “this ain’t my first rodeo!”!!!) was 72 years old.  All of my clients fall in between this age range and what I’ve found is that my clients over usually 45 or so are so completely comfortable in their own skin that I’m personally a tad jealous!  I know I’m always preaching girl power & love yourself, blah blah, but at the end of the day I have a lot of damn insecurities of my own. I’m working on it. One therapy session at a time:)  Maybe that’s why I can relate to my girls who are nervous and unsure about their sessions, because I was nervous when I had my own.  So, when I have a client, regardless of age, size, etc. that knows herself and is truly comfortable in her own skin, it’s fantastic.

Here was a little note from my client to all you ladies that might be on the fence about doing a shoot for yourself:

“A huge, huge thank you to Ms. Jewell and her fabulous crew at The Boudoir House.  After turning 50 in May (!), I was contemplating an experience to celebrate and am so ecstatic I chose a shoot at The Boudoir House.  From rapidly responding to my email questions to editing my photos with care and awesomeness, Jewell and her staff made the whole experience fun and flattering.  I am so happy to have done this (both for the experience and the final product) but mostly to have done it for MYSELF.  Don’t hesitate, ladies:  you deserve it!”  

I’m so happy to have clients like her that really appreciate and value the work that we do here.  We love creating gifts for others but it’s so rewarding when you remember that you’re doing this for yourself also.

Thank you so much Miss L for sharing your thoughts and your images with others…it means a lot to us!  On that note, I’m dropping the mike (I mean the keyboard) and I’m going to wrap some Christmas gifts.  Life as a momma is calling…


I had a chance to get to know a really cool girl a few weeks ago who came in for a shoot as a wedding gift to her husband to be.  I’m really honored to have the top Maryland Bridal Boudoir studio. I can only imagine all the grooms that I’ve helped to make incredibly happy on their wedding day! By the time I’m writing this post, my client and her man are happily married and on to the new adventure of being husband and wife.  My client, Miss K, told us after her shoot, “Hi Jewell,  just want to say thank you for our photo shoot last Friday. I was a little nervous heading into it, but quickly realized how empowering you ladies make us feel!”  Yep, she was nervous to start but once we got through hair, makeup & styling she was ready to get started.  We first went outdoors because the sun was going down and I thought it would be a beautiful backdrop for her.

I mean, that golden light all around her was simply stunning.  It just kissed her skin and looked absolutely beautiful, so we were off to a great start!  I can’t remember now if she used her veil or if she borrowed ours (brides-to-be, we’ve got you covered if you don’t want to bring your actual veil!) but it was a nice touch so she always remembers exactly why she did this particular photo shoot. There were so many beautiful images from the outdoor set but this is the one I can show, and I’m so grateful that we could use it!

Okay, so we came back indoors, brushed off some leaves and took a couple of shots on our old bedroom set in the “Marilyn” room.  Love her snuggles with her mans shirt:)

So sweet & personal for her.  Okay girls, so if you come in for a shoot and bring your mans shirt just know that you might not actually be wearing it, lol!  Sometimes a mans shirt is just not flattering on a womans body.  It’s either too big or too tight or covers too much skin, and on and on. If that’s the case, a good snuggle with it always seems to do the trick! So after some snuggle time, we covered our bases and hooked up some Ravens shots.  We get a lot of clients who bring in jerseys (football, baseball, hockey, you name it) but what I really love (unless it’s a button down baseball jersey) is to rock it out with a fitted sports hat and not much else!  The jerseys are another clothing item that can cover so much skin & can be hard to make look sexy, just depending on how the fit is.  Button down baseball jerseys have been the exception in that department in my opinion.  So, with my recommendation Miss K classed up that Ravens cap with a pretty smile and some cheekies.  I’m pretty damn sure her husband didn’t mind not seeing a jersey while she supported his favorite team!!! GO RAVENS!!!!!!

So our last set of the session was on the new bedroom set and she was really comfortable by then and knew exactly what I was going to say before I even said it.  It’s always the last couple of sets that wind up being the best. We’re on the same page by then and if there were any jitters or nerves they’re long gone because I’ve been showing images from the back of my camera the entire time so you KNOW how bomb you’re looking! This set was no exception. This was my favorite and she just killed it.

That’s that, ‘yeah I know I look good’ look:)

Who, me playing coy???  Come and get it baby!

Finally as we were about to wrap I decided to have some fun and do some hair flips.  I mean Miss K has some amazing hair.  If you’ve followed me on Instagram for a while, you know how much I change my hair. Like at least quarterly I have a different look.  I pay so much money a year to get hair like Miss K’s that it’s ridiculous, but it makes me happy.  It also keeps things spicy at home because my husband never knows what I’m going to try next…it’s like him having a girlfriend. Lots of them. Without all the cheating and bad feelings & divorce lawyers!   All the hair styles have their own personalities.  Ladies if you’ve been with your man a while and feel like things are getting a little stale and you haven’t changed your look in a while try it.  Change up your hair-the cut, the color, both. Add some, take some.  Wear your makeup differently.  Not just for him but for you!  When I feel sexiest is when I’m rocking some long hair & a good tan. I mean, I feel like a badass bitch that can #slay. Just keepin’ it real.  I digress- this is about Miss K and not my hair extension obsession my bad!  So anyway, because I am completely envious of her (natural) long, lustrous hair, I had her do some hair flips.  I mean, what’s more sexy than a woman flipping her hair?  If you’ve got it…flaunt it!  Here’s some of the shots…

Miss K, I am so grateful to have met you and to have been your partner in crime on this little secret to surprise your now hubby.  Congratulations on your wedding & I look forward to seeing you back in the studio another time…whether it’s for an updated anniversary gift or for maternity pictures…no rush! LOL!!!

the-boudoir-house-120Meet Miss C.  She’s going to be getting married in just a few short weeks from now & decided to do a boudoir shoot as a wedding gift to her bae (awwwww!!!!) I really do love our brides that come in, because they’re so focused on getting him (or her) the perfect wedding gift and when they arrive at our Baltimore Boudoir studio I remind them to forget about the gift and have the best, most enjoyable time for themselves.  The gorg images will just flow after that…promise!  Here’s a little love note from Miss C:


“Jewell! I had so much fun doing this shoot with you and your team! I did watch the about yourself video you made (not that I’m stalking you or anything lol) You’re 100% right! I did start doing this project for my fiance’ but this was definitely a confidence booster and a life lesson put into action of being comfortable in your own skin. Never ever would I of thought I could pull of something like this but the pictures came out jaw droppingly stunning. I’m so blown away by them. The whole experience was amazing from the down to earth easy going team you’ve built, the comfortable atmosphere and your expertise, humor and chill yet spicy attitude topped it all off as an unforgettable experience. Thank you for walking me through everything and making me feel like the most beautiful woman I can be if I just pair it up with confidence.”


Did you guys read the part where she said I had HUMOR & a CHILL, yet SPICY attitude?!?!?!?  Hell yeah, I’m chill AND spicy!  Lol. That sums me up real freaking good. Yin/Yang.


Okay so enough about me, let’s get back to Miss C.  I sometimes have a potential client say to me “so I really want to do a shoot but do you photograph curvy girls???” I’m always so surprised when I hear this. It’s sad really. I photograph women of all ages & sizes.  My oldest client was 72 (shout out to Patty!!!!) and I’ve photographed women with dress sizes near 20. To me, curves are where it’s at!  I’m a curvy girl myself so maybe I’m biased, but I think a good pose is all about accentuating the curves not hiding them.  Miss C is the picture perfect example of what I’m talking about. She’s not a size zero and has curves in all the right places.  Gimme that all day!

Back to her shoot! So she wanted to do a Cowboys jersey and football because that’s the team bae likes.  Now you know I’m a ride-or-die Ravens fan, but you know…what bae wants bae gets! So, we threw on the blue and white for a quick sec and did a few poses on the stark white drop before heading outside for a quick minute.


Love those claw tatts on her…she’s definitely a feline prowess!  Okay so the last set we did was back inside where the warmth was and I wanted to try out a new backdrop from Drop it Modern. You know they’re my favorite backdrop company. In fact, besides plain paper they’re the ONLY backdrop company that I use.  This new drop didn’t dissapoint. It photographs so nicely & I love the sexiness it added to her bad ass final outfit.

the-boudoir-house-130the-boudoir-house-136Last words from Miss C:

“Thank you! I can’t wait to see the album! I know its gonna come out sexy!”

 Oh yes Miss C.  Your album came out sexy as HELL!



Are you inspired enough yet to embrace your curves and book a photo shoot???  Send me a message below & I’ll hit you back!